Friday, August 29, 2003

google news alerts

well, of course. surprised it took 'em this long.


Monday, August 25, 2003

undeserved dotcom disrespect

If you believe this NYTimes piece in the IHT, you'd think that every frizzy haired 20- or 30-something who swigged a Mountain Dew while on the job at Kozmo, Webvan, or I dunno, 3Com, is now an unhireable pariah simply because they took some risks and came up short. I'm sure there are a few fresh college grads who thought the hang-out culture of a well-funded startup was the end and not the means, but I think a great many of us who participated in a dotcom of some stripe or another just believed we could move faster and execute more creatively than we did in the last giant place we worked. At least I did, and still do. It comes down to your workplace values, not your environment. Have you been �

  • surrounding yourself with smart people
  • taking responsibility for your own actions
  • delivering what's asked of you, especially when you're depended upon by others
  • when seemingly stuck, making the decision and accepting the consequences if it's wrong vs. being paralyzed by noncommitment

� then I think you should be in fine shape no matter what you do or where you work. Besides, effective job interviews leave you no place to hide, and you'll better understand your shortcomings after the fact.

If anything, someone who can speak nobly about failure and how they learned from the burn-up is the sort I'd rather work with vs. someone who played it safe and took few risks beyond their slot on the org chart.


Saturday, August 16, 2003

Do you hear me, AP? What about you USA Today?

Herbstreit provides all the evidence from last season I need: "seemingly out of nowhere, the league posted a 38-15 non-conference record last season, which included a 5-2 mark in bowls. Ohio State won the national championship while Iowa (No. 8) and Michigan (No. 9) finished in the top 10, and Wisconsin, Minnesota and Purdue all upset higher-ranked teams in their bowl games."

The Big Ten is looking to put up a dangerous season and send a lot of tough teams to bowl games, BCS included. Maybe we'll surprise far fewer college football fans than we did last year, and it's definitely a tall task to repeat as Nat'l Champ (even within the same conference, nevermind same team), but the stories out of summer camp across the Midwest are mightily similar: 12 seniors returning here, 9 there, another 13 over there plus they got their start quarterback back (in spite of his nasty off-field problems, but hey, all these boys pretty much major in the NFL anyway, so what're a few ethical hangups to to your average AD anyway). All I know is I'm going to be rooted down somewhere near the ABC/ESPN feed for a good chunk of my Saturdays.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

even the deviant need to be spectrum-aware these days

How this guy was busted is the cracking good part of this otherwise ugly story. Turns out that 2.4 and probably even 5.8GHz aren't nearly as secure as you'd like for your neighbor-spooking intentions, no matter how clever you and your lava lamp might be.


moblogging for your unintentional audience

i have this p800 with me and i'm traveling, so i decided to live the moblog lifestyle for a little while. the uneven results so far:

what's remarkable to me is the fact that two people found my completely unpublicized blog and made comments already -- one by a moblogging pilot who was stuck at o'hare (presumably at the controls) the same day as my flight was cancelled. hope he spends as much time monitoring his instruments as his inbox up there...