Saturday, July 24, 2004

Bears Tickets, Shmears Tickets

I spent about 15 futile minutes on this morning trying to get 4 tickets to any home Chicago Bears game. What did I get for my troubles? Several horrid examples of word image verification security (those GIFs-as-LSD-trips with the wavy letters you're supposed to echo back to the server to prove you're not an Aibo or a dishonest person) and zippo available tickets. Nada. Bubkis. How is it that a team with one lucky season in the past 8 years or so can sell out an entire season's worth of single-game seats in under 5 minutes? I can only surmise that Bears season ticket holders have land-grabbed such a massive percentage of the seating chart that there's really no open range to speak of on, please forgive me for this, any given Sunday.

Think I'm probably headed to Stubhub for my next ticket search. These guys have tried to build a secondary market-maker service around tickets alone; they're attempting to out-eBay eBay in a single (very lucrative) domain. Seems like they've gotten all the right relationships and have tickets to a tremendous variety of worthwhile events. Will they put neighborhood and workplace networks, and the brokers who help power them at street level, out of work? No, or at least not entirely. But this sure seems like another perfect application of the transactional lubricant the web has become in so many markets.

That said, $161/ticket for 4 top deck tickets to see the Lions? C'mon. Does that at least include bottled oxygen?

Friday, July 23, 2004

Internal vs. External Perspective

Out here on the mean streets, we all say things like "Yeah, I don't know either. I'll Google it."

Inside Google, is it something like, "I'm not sure. I'll go check Localhost?"


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

too doggone busy to blog lately

This is one of your garden-variety excuse-postings. if you've read one, you've read a hundred of 'em. The gist: we've been plenty busy at FeedBurner lately, especially on the imaging front (our too-cool-for-school partnership with Flickr and the Headline Animator were released in the past two weeks) and I'm trying to tie up a variety of items on other design and development fronts. This is not the whinging sound of complaint. Far from it � it's really gratifying to be this busy. No, this is simply the sound of filler while more substantive blog postings continue to languish in back burner status.

Some updates I plan in August:

» My long-awaited CTA and MTA (New York) usability shootout
» Planespotting Volume II
» The FeedBurner Factory Tour
» and more! More! MORE!

Plus, college football is gearing up for its annual rite of ascension in the American sporting consciousness. Given that the Cubs recently developed a graveyard spiral (and the White Sox are not to be trusted with any postseason invitation -- they're sure to claim "lost in the mail" as they get swept out of the first round yet again), it may not be arriving a moment too soon for a lot of Chicagoans. I plan to blog on Sundays about the previous Saturday's highlights plus get my digs on Corso because I just know he'll never find this blog. Never. Never ever. Go Boilers.