Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm at TED.

I'm working the Blogging Clinic at TED this week, helping folks new to blogging get their understand the basics and benefits of RSS, syndication and FeedBurner's role in the mix. If you're not familiar with TED, it's where you're guarnateed not to be the smartest kid in the room. Proof of that was handed to me this morning in the form of, oh, a Nobel prize winner attendee, sitting on the couch across from me in a lobby full of flat panel monitors simulcasting the conference taking place in the main hall. Dick and I marveled at the fact that Watson is probably the only person alive who can take the stage and call some of Linus Pauling's work on DNA "crap," which he did on Tuesday. That's the sort of gathering this is.

Supposedly, Matt Groening of Simpsons creation fame will be stopping by the Clinic later this afternoon. If I can somehow be part of the process that gets him blogging (he doesn't already have one? Un-possible.), well, neat. Maybe he'll even suffer a shameless photo opp with the rest of us.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

video post: happy valley raceway, hong kong

I've been photoblogging my way through Hong Kong (see my Flickr collection if you haven't been following my updates with the feed), but I did shoot one panorama video of sorts:

Happy Valley Raceway (Video Download, 3.7MB)

The way the highrise flats pen in the smooth, looping green ribbon of grass track is unlike any sporting venue I've ever seen. It's a remarkable, dramatic setting. The enormous grandstand complex completes the effect.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Today I turned 35

...and I didn't even have toast for breakfast.

If you trust this CBS: Today in History summary, February 10 is pretty much the cesspool of notable events. "Highlights" include:

  • the 1981 fire at the Las Vegas Hilton that killed 198

  • "Death of a Salesman" opened on Broadway in 1949

  • the USSR exchanged captured U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers for a Soviet spy in 1962

  • France gave up on Canada, ceding Quebec and points west to England in 1763

Is there a less distinguished day on the calendar? In the words of Glenn Reynolds, Read the whole thing. The best thing 2/10 has going for it is that I share the birthday with Mark Spitz. A fellow Aquarian with whom to truly drown my sorrows, 50 meters at a time. I haven't really warmed much to George Stephanopolous.

So, it's with some hope of starting the next 35 years with a fresh outlook that I planned a trip to Hong Kong, starting tomorrow. A good friend of mine from grad student days at the UW lives and works there now, and you never know how many chances you're going to get to take advantage of familiar hospitality in otherwise exotic locations. That and enough miles to upgrade to United business class both ways is enough to get Matt on a plane, apparently.

I plan to moblog aplenty from my perch at Flickr; regular Black Background feed subscribers will of course get my photos spliced in automatically by FoodBurner. It's pretty cool to blog your travels for an audience, but you also need to keep in mind you're also blogging for your own memories' safekeeping as well. I plan to write a little bit about my view of Hong Kong -- starting as I am without as much as two Cantonese catchphrases to rub together and working up from there.

See you soon from GMT +8!