Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My first local media moment since 1985

FeedBurner got a mention on a "Special Segment" piece in the 10pm news on Chicago's ABC Channel 7. "The Power of Podcasting" provided a pretty decent look at a few podcasters in and around Illinois who podcast for personal and professional reasons, and they gave yours truly just enough camera time so as not to frighten children or marsupials. FeedBurner came off reasonably well, although I think they overplayed the advertising bit (we aren't doing any in-podcast advertising yet) and underplayed our role in helping people quickly get a podcast-ready RSS feed put together from just about any ordinary blog. Well, it's on me (and the rest of us at FB) to simplify our message.

It's also got me thinking FanBlogs should have a featured podcast or two, or consider having a conference's major authors try a weekly wrap-up show. I already spend most of Saturday night blabbing on the phone with a regular group of distant friends about the days' scores and results anyway, so why not record the doggone diatribe? What this Internet desperately needs is more content, I tell you.

(Oh, as for the 1985 part: I was featured in the Midland Daily News as a local student who got product review published in Antic, an Atari computer users' magazine. That's as far back in geek time as I'd care to go for a while.)


Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Holy Cripes. It's August.

It occurred to me the other day when I, you know, looked at my own blog, that I haven't posted anything for over a month. I completely snuffed the month of July. There will never, ever be a July archive listing for It Came From Black Background. The shame is weighty, I tell you.

But hope springs forth! College football season is almost upon us, and good times are sure to be found in increasing numbers as the snare drum rattle echoes ever more loudly across dusty practice fields of America's Division I gridiron powerhouses. Your go-to source for the fan's perspective on the greatest college game remains Fanblogs.com. Longtime FeedBurner publisher Kevin Donahue has made a real microcontent empire out of the place, and I'm proud to be one of the writers there. I'm not terribly prolific; my main post is the after-action reports for Purdue football games, especially the ones I attend in person; I can't help but over-analyze my own team, especially since I seem to have them all to myself. (Hint? None taken. Thanks.) That said, if you review the archives from last season, I think you'll see that I give the bandwagon a wide berth and always give the other guy proper credit when his team found a way to win (which was, more often than not, in dagger-twisting fashion during the 2004 campaign).

I'll be going to the home opener against Akron, and then hopefully to our matchups against Iowa, Michigan State, and Illinois. The Iowa game should be pivotal for both teams. Can't wait!