Thursday, December 28, 2006

eboy's "Foo Bar": A few million pixels of mayhem

In case you're wondering what things look like during a typical day in FeedBurner's neighborhood on the Internets, it's likely that the best visualization to capture it all is pixel-pushing consortium eboy's "Foo Bar". I've repro'd it below:

eboy image

This is like the best of M.C. Escher, Where's Waldo, and Q*Bert rolled into one. If you should happen to view the real poster in its full-size glory, you'll marvel at the comedic and satirical detail. (Just what is it with the Mouse Henchmen — especially the guy with the carbine in the YouTube sign — and what's their sinister plan?)


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Interview with Juxtaviews

Media Alert: Here is an email interview I recently gave to the good folks over at Juxtaviews. Topics included my reading list, new feed technology and web UI design, and how much better off college football would be with an 8-team playoff. OK, so two out of those three.

If you haven't checked out Juxtaviews before, you should. They've teased some great conversations out of entrepreneurs and others who are trying to make the most of today's business and design trends on the web, with quite a bit of wit and grace.

And yes, I already gave 'em the classic hassle about the "B" in "Burner."

Friday, December 22, 2006

Time for a post!

Since I have nothing to offer in the way of current rhetorical, tactical, technological, or political guidance, here's my offering to ICBB for Holiday Season: a YouTube posting I just made of video shot over six months ago. Behold!

The moral of the story: flying is fun, fairly easy, and requires precious little exposition unless someone in a white shirt and irresponsibly thin black tie, hailing from the FAA, decides to ask impertient-yet-relevant questions about a recent ground loop. Blogging consistently, with a flair for the magnetic and electric? A much, much more considered and demanding occupation.

Peace on Earth and goodwill toward all y'all,