Sunday, January 20, 2008

Black is Back

This is the new home of It Came from Black Background.

I've decided to go native and use as many Google tools as possible to create online content. Not because they’re all so perfectly conceived that considering any other alternative would be corporate heresy, but simply because I'd like to see what’s good, what’s bad, and what I might even consider working on to improve now that I'm part of the Big G myself. (I'm using Apps to host this domain and manage family email and calendar stuff; Blogger powers the blog while still using my custom domain. )

I’m hoping that starting fresh will kick-start my moribund blogging imagination and help me discover new themes that inspire more frequent post updates. In the 3-plus year history of the previous It Came from Black Background, I think there were about five posts worthy of the title of “permalink”:The rest largely found me writing something because…I hadn’t written something lately. That’s a recipe for narrative mediocrity that comes out piping hot and perfect, every time. The other entertaining aspect of this move is declaring “blog stats bankruptcy.” I'm looking forward to resetting my various clickers and counters to zero and seeing how many true believers still straggle over this way, especially on the feed side. (I have an absolutely mad following on Rojo; I suspect they're all unwitting default feed bandwagoneers.)

To compound matters, the Movable Type-powered server hosting has been so thoroughly buried by comment spam traffic that you can't even sign in to post anymore. Kind of a non-starter.

I think the new formula will be: shorter posts, and more of them. It seems to work very well for Reynolds and Kedrosky. Bite-sized punditry?

Finally, you may be wondering why a so-called web designer is relying on a default Blogger template. First: Google’s own Doug Bowman designed it. Skills — he has them. Second: I wanted to just get this blog’s content launched, and having my own completely custom design in place as a critical path task got to be too much of a barrier. So I just removed the barrier. Third: I’ve got a plan and it will unfold in a few stages. My content at Flickr,, Twitter, and VOX, among other places, needs incorporation here.

Thanks for following me over to the new digs. Hopefully I amuse and entertain. Failing that, I'll put in enough linebreaks to serve your lorem ipsum-ing needs.



Blogger Quin said...

Shobe! So I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Singapore watching the end of the Purdue vs Illinois basketball game via slingbox when it occurs to me that I never did actually get to see the end of the 2003 Purdue vs Colorado St basketball game (the worst meltdown in basketball history). So I start googling youtube and other video sites without much luck. Finally I hit on a blog which provides a link. While I struggle with the link I happen to notice the blogger is an old fraternity brother of mine! Funny how I can "bump into" people I haven't seen in over a decade virtually while actually websurfing on another continent.

Good to see that you're alive and well Matt. :)


January 22, 2008 7:13 AM  
Blogger Matt Shobe said...

Matt Quinlan — how goes it? Singapore probably qualifies you officially as "furthest flung Boilermaker" for that particular game. Great win for the team, and here's hoping we can hold serve against Penn State tonight, going into a potentially big matchup with Wisky on Saturday.

I could've been worse — we could've conked heads somewhere within MySpace. (Shudder) Hope all is well with you.

January 23, 2008 1:24 PM  

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