Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm calling “Ziggy” on Leo Cullum

If the New Yorker editorial staff were to ever deny offering staff cartoonists a lifetime pass for back-referencing their own material, I’ve got damning evidence to the contrary. I’m Calling a Ziggy on Leo Cullum for this one. It’s not even close to subtle. If I had seen a series of similar cartoons throughout his archive, I would let it go; every artist is entitled to variations on a theme. But this one just feels lazy. Leo is one of my New Yorker favorites. He's consistently clever and his illustrations feature a visual verve and clean lines that draw your eye to the funny, time after time.

What tipped me off was the fact that the older cartoon in the pairing was one we gave to The Wizard as a gift during the final days of FeedBurner:

The January 13th, 1997 issue:

The February 11th - 18th, 2008 issue:
The official cocktail of schadenfreude appears to be the martini.

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